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Life management

One of the goals we had in mind when designing XMindlook was to create a tool that would make it easier to manage daily life complexity.  On the presentation below we will explain the principles of our methodology, which is an extension to the popular Getting Things Done method by David Allen.

The idea is to have your tasks, projects and thoughts stored in a trusted place, so that you can stop thinking about remembering about them and start doing them.  Those items will be placed in mind maps, structured by your life goals or values (like „happy family” or „big career”), projects (like „great trip to Europe” or „write PhD”) and tasks („list interesting cities” or „write thesis introduction”). Having that nicely ordered in mind maps will allow you to grasp most of your life complexity with one glance and remain properly motivated in executing the tasks. 

At the same time, you can mark tasks in your mind map that are to be executed during this week or on specific day. Our application will transfer this information to Outlook so that you can view as a current and future tasks list, grouped by context (like „at computer” , „at home”, „errands”), priority and due date.  You can use this Outlook list for deciding what to do next and other daily tasks management.

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